"Excuse me while I scrape these entrails off my armour."


Human Avenging Paladin


Mighty Challenge: Add Strength modifier (+4) to Divine Challenge.

Virtuous Recovery: After spending a healing surge, gain Resist to all damage equal to Wisdom modifier (2).

Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade).

Magic Items:

  1. Battleforged Plate Armour: Found in the remains of an Ochre Jelly. Property: If you use your Second Wind, regain an extra 1d10 hit points.
  1. Farbond Fullblade: A ceremonial sword found in the room with an obelisk dedicated to worshiping Vecna. Our little gnome with the funny hobby was found in there as well. The weapon was a longsword but magically changed its shape after Santiago touched it. Critical Dice: +1d8 Property: This weapon can be used as a heavy thrown weapon with a range of 5/10.


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