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  • Zerriksa

    Zerriksa is a herbalist from Brindol whom everyone loves to brand as a witch. She's old, cranky, and spends most of her time with her mushrooms. The PCs rescued her and she went back to town with Adronsius and Gustav.

  • Sertanian

    Sertanian is the person responsible for the artifacts stored at the Hall of Great Valor. He once fought in the previous War of the Red Hand, and he has a passionate hatred for goblinoids. Bringing him the artifacts may shed some light on why the …

  • Thurann

    Thurann is the son of Kartenix, deceased captain of the guards of Brindol. He is a resourceful young lad who kept his wits about him while captured. He managed to steal food for himself and Jalissa while they were held together in the room with the three …

  • Kartenix

    Kartenix was the captain of the guards of Brindol. He was captured along with his son and several other townspeople. While in captivity, he was held in the jail cell next to Sertanian, and he was killed after a failed attempt to escape. His body was used …

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