Here are some of the house rules that are active in this campaign. Be sure to peruse this page before making a character, or ask your fellow gamers. Refer to this page if you forgot some of the house rules in effect.

  • Inherent bonuses: I am of the opinion that magic items ought to be special and should not be required pieces of equipment that the DM must hand out to make sure his or her PCs can hit things. Thus, all PCs start off with a +1 enhancement bonus to Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, AC, Fortitude, Reflex and Will defenses. These bonuses increase by 1 at levels 7, 11, 17, 21 and 27.
  • Critical Hits: I didn’t use this rule last session, but this is how critical hits will work from now on. If you have a magical weapon or implement, you roll extra critical hit dice whenever you score a critical hit with that weapon or implement depending on the inherent bonus you have (e.g. If a level 1 character scores a critical hit with a Vicious Longsword, he or she rolls 1d12 and adds that damage to his or her total damage). If you don’t have a magical weapon or implement, you roll 1d6 depending on the inherent bonus you have for your extra critical hit dice.
  • Feats: The feats Weapon Expertise, Implement Expertise, Paragon Defenses and Robust Defenses are not available for selection. Your characters will receive a +1 bonus to attack rolls at levels 5, 15 and 25, and a +1 bonus to all non-AC defenses at levels 11 and 21. Those boring feats should not clutter up the feat selection of the characters. Go forth and think of more fun feats to select!

The following are tentative houserules I stole from a blog. Please give me feedback on whether or not I should include them in the campaign (post here or on the ARC forums):

  • Action Renewal: Give characters and monsters action points (even standard ones) every encounter, instead of at milestones. Solos have 3 action points, Elites 2 action points. Whenever a character or monster scores a critical hit, it gets an action point it can use before the end of its next turn. Characters lose all their action points at the end of an encounter.
  • Mike Mearls’ Misses: Mike Mearls talked about this on his twitter. Have encounter powers deal half damage on a miss. Have monster powers that do not recharge also deal half damage on a miss. I would extend the second – have monster powers that recharge on a 6 also do half damage on a miss, since they’re also basically encounter powers functionally.
  • Aiming Action: Melee guys have a “charging” rule where they get a +1 bonus to attack rolls AND free movement rolled into a standard action. For ranged characters, (including spell slingers), I devised the “aim” action. You can use your move action to gain a +1 bonus to your next ranged or area attack.
  • Too many feats! The current system gives characters exactly 18 feats at level 30, and no way to get more. An alternative would be to give PCs a feat every level, up until level 21 (so they would end up with 3 more feats than normal), then allow them to retrain their feats for epic feats at each level thereafter (on top of the normal retraining, as long as they don’t retrain 2 feats per level).


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